SAP Retail Fuel Network Operations (SAP RFNO)

SAP RFNOSAP Retail Fuel Network Operations (RFNO) monitors and steers all payment and quantity flows in petrol station networks. As an efficient management tool, SAP RFNO supports, for example:

  • daily lessee settlement
  • fuel inventory management
  • payment and fleet card management
  • standard POS interfaces

SAP RFNO is an extremely user-friendly, scalable solution that offers extensive analysis and steering mechanisms, making it especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

The benefits of RFNO at a glance:
  • Integrative, efficient processes throughout the petrol station network
  • Greatest possible transparency
  • Safeguards petrol station network operation 24/7

RFNO Key Functionalities

SAP RFNO allows all business processes to be harmonised and optimised:

  • Efficient administration of your petrol station network

  • Steering of goods sales in the shop

  • Clearing centre services for links to partners

  • Petrol station supply and delivery management

  • Lessee settlement

  • Dispatching and efficient route planning

  • ERP integration

  • Administration of credit and fleet cards

  • Fast, automated invoicing

  • Performant processing of mass data (e.g. till and loading data)

  • Keep an eye on the most important key figures at all times – on your tablet or smartphone

  • On-board integration

  • Standard solution, therefore high security of investment in IT

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